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Aurora mafia roadtrip 24–29 March 2023

What’s included

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We’ve put together such a package, that you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s all there: transportation, accommodation, 3 meals per day, activities, and, of course, aurora hunting! The only thing that you need to take care on your own, is to book flights to Finnish Lapland. Arrive on 24th March 2023 to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airports, and we’ll take it from there! 


stay in best hotels!

We found the best hotels situated in the most epic places for northern lights in Lapland. You’ll be staying at aurora cabins, cozy cottages, modern rooms with a view, as well as glass window rooms. In all the locations we expect some great hospitality, as well as delicious food. Click the link below, and find out more about the hotels for this trip!

5 nights / double rooms

You’ll stay in glass cabins, cosy cottages and modern hotel rooms. Normal price includes staying in double rooms. Single room supplement is also available.

activities & local culture

Each day we’ll have some activity or a trip, such as reindeer rides, visiting local culture museums, or sightseeing in cool places in Northern Finland & Norway.

3 meals per day

We have full board offered on this trip, and every day we’ll taste different & unique dishes of local Lappish cuisine and its best ingredients.

aurora hunting & photos

The goal is too see auroras as much and possible during the trip. We’ll visit some of the best places and take lots of pictures with you!

what’s included?

  • Pickup from Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport on the 24.3.2023
  • 5 nights accommodation in double rooms 24–29.3.2023 as follows:2 nights at Aurora Cabins in Aurora Village Ivalo (double room), 1 night at Aurora Holidays in Utsjoki, saying at cottages or apartments with 4 person per cottage / apartment (each 2 persons having their separate bedroom but sharing bathroom equipped with sauna and kitchen), 1 night at Cahkal Hotel Kilpisjärvi staying at modern Cahkal View rooms (double rooms), and 1 night at Arctic Skylight Lodge Äkäslompolo staying at glass cottages (2 per cottage).
  • 3 meals per day, including breakfasts in the hotels, lunch and dinner. The first meal is dinner on the 24.3.2023 and the last meal breakfast on 29.3.2023. We’ll have Lappish menu / local food for each dinner. Alcohol not included in dinner price, but can be purchased additionally on the spot.
  • Welcoming party on the 24.3.2023 at Aurora Village Ivalo (the welcoming party will be the only occasion that includes alcoholic drinks).
  • Aurora hunting on 4 nights (25–26–27–28 March 2023)
  • Taking pictures of you during the trip in daytime, as well as night time with auroras
  • Reindeer sleigh ride 1km at Aurora Village Ivalo
  • Guided visit to Sami museum in Inari (45 min)
  • sightseeing with stops to take pictures when travelling between hotels (Finland & Norway)
  • relaxing sauna night on the last day 28.3.2023 at Arctic Skylight Lodge in Äkäslompolo
  • transfer back to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airports on the 29.3.2023

    Please note that the price DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHTS, or other costs like visas, possible permits & tests to enter Finland.

you need to take care of your flights!

Flights not included!

Flight are NOT INCLUDED in our package. This is because we expect people to arrive from different parts of the world. That’s why we cannot include or price them in our package. Price also does not include visas, permits, medical tests, or other procedures that may be required for you to enter Finland.


The program starts on the 24th March 2023 and ends on 29th March 2023. There are several ways to arrive (and depart).

OPTION 1 – Arriving to Ivalo, but departing from Kittilä (or Rovaniemi)

Flying to Ivalo airport on 24.3.2022 with one of the following flights: arriving to Ivalo at 13.10 (AY603 – best), arriving at 18.25 (AY605 – very good) or 21.35 (AY609 – ok, but late for program). From Ivalo airport, the drive to our first hotel, Aurora Village Ivalo, is just 10 min.

On 29.3.2022, for your flight back, the best option is to choose Kittilä airport for departure, because it will be the closest airport (just 45 min away from our last hotel). See Option 3 about Kittilä airport for departures. 2nd best option would be to choose Rovaniemi airport for departure. 3rd best option would be to depart back from Ivalo at 18.25 (AY639), but it will be far away (4 hour drive) from our last hotel – Arctic Skylight Lodge in Äkäslompolo.
DO NOT take flight departing 9.10 from Ivalo to Helsinki (AY7012) on 29.3.2022, as we don’t be able to take you there.

OPTION 2 – Arriving & departing through Rovaniemi

Flying to Rovaniemi airport on 24.3.2023 with one of the following flights: arriving 08.50 (AY531 – good option), arriving 13.20 (AY533 – best option) or arriving 17.45 (AY535 – only if no other option available). The drive from Rovaniemi airport to our first hotel Aurora Village Ivalo will be 3 hours.  At at the Aurora Village Ivalo we will have dinner & welcoming program, so it is better to arrive at 08.50 or 13.20, to be able to enjoy the program and dinner.
On 29.3.2023 you will be able to depart form Rovaniemi at 14.00 (AY534), 18.25 (AY536) or 21.50 (AY540). 

OPTION 3 – Arriving & departing through Kittilä

Flying to Kittilä airport on 24.3.2022, arriving at 12:55 (AY573) or arriving 17.55 (AY575). It is also possible to arrive with earliest flight on 24.3.2022 at 8.25 (AY571), but you’ll have to wait until next flight(12:55) to be picked up. From Kittilä airport, it is 3,5 hour drive to Aurora Village Ivalo. However, on 29.3.2022, Kittilä airport will be the closest from our last hotel, Arctic Skylight Lodge in Äkäslompolo, which is only 45 min drive away. You will be able to depart from Kittilä airport on 29.3.2023 at 19.35 (AY638) or 23.10 (AY7008).

Also possible:

  • Arriving by morning or evening train 24.3.2023 to Rovaniemi Train Station
  • Arriving by bus to Rovaniemi bus station on 24.3.2023
  • Arriving with your own or rented car to Rovaniemi, Kittilä or Ivalo 24.3.2023


how much does it cost?


You can book by sending us a message with the form below. You will get the payment link to pay with credit card. Please read carefully Terms & Conditions (which includes cancellation policy) before booking!

Flights not included!

You need to take care of arrival to Finnish Lapland on your own. Arrive on 24.3.2023 to Ivalo, Rovaniemi or Kittilä airports, or Rovaniemi train station. On 29.3.2023 we will take you back to the airport / train.

2 persons / double room 

Normal price per person.
(7.920€ for two persons in double room)

1 person / double room

Normal price for 1 person.
You’ll stay in a double room.

  • Booking situation 40% 40%

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Book your trip by sending us a message! You’ll get a payment link to pay with a credit card. Please read carefully Terms & Conditions before booking!

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We are located in Finnish Lapland, and this Aurora Mafia Roadtrip will depart from Rovaniemi or Kittilä airports.